How To Link Accounts: iGun Pro to iGun Pro 2

We have received several questions on whether or not loyal iGun Pro users would be given a bonus in iGun Pro 2.  The answer is Yes!  All you have to do is link your iGun Pro account with iGun Pro 2, and you will receive a one-time gift based on what you have collected and purchased within iGun Pro.  Since iGun Pro 2 is built on an all-new engine that allows us to do the cool things we implement, we could not just transfer all the firearms from iGun Pro 1 to the new app.

Watch the video below for a step by step explanation on how to link accounts.  If you have any issues, as always, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist.

Call of Duty: WWII – The Top 5 Guns We All Want to See

Rumor has it that new Call of Duty will be released this November. And while recent Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare titles have been set in the sci-fi future, the latest from Activision is expected to bring the series back to its roots by going back in time. We’re still awaiting official confirmation, but if leaks prove correct – CoD fans should be in for a treat with the World War II theme.

In anticipation of the official announcement, we’ve studied the leaked box art and researched past games to identify the top 5 WWII-style guns we’re expecting to make the cut, and even dissected how we think each will perform in the game. While none of these guns are currently included in iGun Pro 2, you’ll soon be able to vote on the below to have a say in which guns we’ll include it in an upcoming update.

5. Thompson M1921 (Tommy Gun)

Best used in close quarters, the Tommy Gun offers fast moving players the opportunity to dominate on small maps, assuming there will be a Nuketown-esque offering in the next game. However, players should be wary of its inaccuracy farther than 50 yards away.

Tommy gun


  • Category: Submachine Gun
  • Years in Service: 1938-1971
  • 20 and 30-round stick/box mag, 50-100 round drum mag
  • Best Use: Close range maps
  • Fire Rate: High
  • Recoil: Low
  • Accuracy: Low at high range, best used in small maps (think Nuketown)

4. M-1 Garand

Acting as the official standard infantry rifle, the semi-automatic eight-round Garand offers lethal and accurate protection. As the first standard-issue semi-automatic military rifle, the M-1 Garand acts as our gateway to the past and fully embodies warfare from the WWII era. It was even named the “greatest battle implement ever devised” by General George S. Patton.



  • Category: Semi-automatic machine gun
  • Years of Service: 1936-1957
  • 20 and 30-round stick/box mag, 50-100 round drum mag
  • Best Use: Close range maps
  • Fire Rate: 8-round burst/16-24 rounds per minute
  • Recoil: Low/mid-level
  • Accuracy: medium-high, best used in small to medium sized maps

3. Springfield M1903A4 Sniper Rifle

Made famous by Private Daniel Jackson in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and the U.S. Army’s sniper rifle of choice, the Springfield M1903A4 is one gun we can’t wait to (hopefully) get our hands on in Call of Duty: WWII. Though relatively accurate, the Springfield sniper was considered inadequate due to complications with long range targeting. In other words, noobs need not apply.  it’s best to have a steady hand and some sniping experience before picking up this choice in Call of Duty’s latest installment.



  • Category: Sniper Rifle
  • Years in Service:  1943-1945
  • Best Use: medium size maps that allow for close range sniping
  • Fire Rate: Low
  • Recoil: High
  • Accuracy: High at mid-range, up to 600 yards

2.  Trench Gun/Winchester Model 1897

What’s Call of Duty without a quality shotgun? While the famous Winchester Model 1897, otherwise known as the Trench Gun, has appeared in previous CoD games, we’re itching to see it make a comeback with a higher definition model. The Trench Gun is perfect for those fast-running players on the move, offering lethal double barrel fire power.

Winchester 1897


  • Category: Shotgun
  • Years in Service: 1897-1957
  • Best Use: Close range fire on small maps
  • Fire Rate: Low
  • Recoil: High
  • Accuracy: High (fatal) at close range.

1.  Rocket Launcher, M1A1 “Bazooka”

The final weapon in our list is the potent M1A1 Bazooka anti-tank rocket launcher. Coming in at only 13lbs, the M1A1 Bazooka was designed to be fired from the shoulder with little to no recoil. With a simplified but deadly design, this M1A1 is key for players looking to score easy points by shooting down opposing air control…or for the players’ everyone loves to hate firing at opponents from a distance. Users be warned, there’s a safe bet there won’t be an “auto-target” feature, so better take aim carefully.



  • Category: Rocket Launcher
  • Years in Service: 1943-1945
  • Best Use: Long distance combat, shooting down UAV/Counter UAV score streaks
  • Fire Rate: Low
  • Recoil: Low
  • Accuracy: Medium

All in all, it’s hard to not love the novelty of WWII style guns, and we’re anxious to see how Activision will modernize their functionalities while staying true to WWII era design. Now that you’ve seen what we’ll be on the lookout for, let us know your thoughts! Comment or share to tell us what guns you’re most anticipating (or dreading) for the latest Call of Duty installment, and which you’d like to see added to iGun Pro 2.